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Mixing, mastering & production.

Down-tuned metalcore.

Additional production, mixing & mastering.

Fake emo throwback.

Production, mixing & mastering.

I also make videos for nerds.

I love talking about recording so much.

I make DIY recordings

into professional records.

(in between stroking my cats).


I'm Adam and I'm a massive grunger.

I'm also an audio engineer who helps punk & metal bands punch well above their weight when it comes to recording.

These days I mostly work as a remote mixing & mastering engineer (although I still do some recording projects). I help bands take songs recorded in less-than-ideal environments and make them sound like big studio, big budget records.


If you're missing those additional elements that make """proper""" records sound so damned good, or if your MIDI drums sound like a bored robot, this is where we fix that.

You'll get:

  • Totally bespoke support based on your needs and your project.

  • To concentrate on being a musical genius, not a project manager.

  • A banging set of multi-tracks that bring your vision to life.

The part where we make sure your record sounds like you.


My whole skillset is based around one goal: making your modest recordings sound like they belong on the same Spotify playlist as your favourite bands.

You'll get:​

  • A professional set of ears to make your song sound like it does in your head.

  • A revisions process to make sure we get that snare tone just the way you like it.

  • Final mixes that show off the best parts of your sound and your song.

Where records are made or broke...n? Make-d or break-ed?


This is that extra 10% that turns a great mix into a great song. And turns a collection of great songs into a great record. And, for my mixing clients, it's completely free.

You'll get:

  • Song(s) that sound rad, no matter what your audience is listening on.

  • Your collection of songs and mixes made into a cohesive record.

  • Master files that kick it next to the best bands in the genre.

The black magic bit where no-one's sure what's going on.
I dream about guitar tone.

"An album can only be as good as the guy mixing it! Adam is an absolute pro and working on this album with him was an absolute pleasure.🤘"

Jürgen Brüder

Heathen Foray.

"I can't imagine Adam producing anything that doesn't go above and beyond in the absolute best way. He adds a personal touch that's light-hearted and really funny when it's appropriate. It's a pleasure working with him."

Matt Halpern

Periphery, Getgood Drums.

"Working with Adam is great. He brings a lot of ideas to the table, super helpful getting things organised and always makes the songs sound great."

Max Gilbert


1. Get in contact.

Drop me a line using the contact form below. I'd love to hear about your project. Doesn't matter where you are in your timeline, it's never too early or too late to have a chat.

2. We have a chat.

We'll book some time in face-to-virtual face (or trade some emails, if you prefer). We'll talk through the project, your influences, your goals and timelines.

3. I do a test mix.

If we think it looks like we'll be a good fit, I'll happily do a test mix. That way you get to actually hear what a difference it makes for you and your songs.

4. We take it from there.

If you dig the test mix, it's all systems go. We'll setup another call to discuss. Then we've got revisions to do, files to prep and mixes to schedule.

How it works.

Thanks for submitting!

Let's get things rolling.

If that sounds like something you're interested in, give me a shout. I'm happy to chat through anything.


Hit me up with questions about working together or even just how to prep files for mixing & mastering. I'm easy like a Sonntag morgen.

Chuck your details in the form and we'll get cracking.

Mathy black gaze.

Production, mixing & mastering.

Austro death metal.

Additional production, mixing & mastering.

Spacey post rock.

Mixing & mastering.

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